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“Quiet your mind.  
Free your body.”

The Yoga Studio

Situated in the heart of Ballito, with beautiful inland views, The Yoga Studio is a happy and holistic space offering a wide range of yoga classes, as well as treatments and natural healing remedies.

The Yoga Studio embodies the main philosophy of yoga, which is to bring unity to the mind, body and soul. It is a calm and tranquil environment with beautiful views, perfect sunsets and well trained teachers and therapists to help guide you to your best and truest self. Our heat is a like hot summers day, our guidance is gentle. We believe in laughter. If you fall out, it’s about getting back in and finding the joy in the ride.

Studio owner, Lauren Pinnoy, has always dreamed of owning her own studio and creating a place where we can share our passion for yoga and healthy living. After travelling around the world teaching yoga and gaining experience, Lauren opened The Yoga Studio in June 2018. Lauren describes the studio as “A beautiful space to share, learn and grow together. A place to take a mindful moment to honour all that you are “

The Yoga Studio a space that is nonjudgmental, where all shape, sizes and levels are welcome.



Through breathe and movement,

we heal naturally.


Lauren Pinnoy, Studio Owner

Tel:       072 306 8541
Email:  info@theyogastudio.co.za

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